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Support Studies

Many students at many levels do a great deal better with some individual attention and help outside the classroom.

It may be that they need help with a specific aspect of a particular subject. Perhaps some foundation skills need attention, or there is a problem with study skills and organisation.

Sometimes mentoring can radically improve a situation.

My aim is to identify and supply what is needed for a student to make the most of his or her ability and achieve the results he or she deserves.

In most cases tutorial support in a subject area or help with developing effective study skills is enough to effect a noticeable improvement. In others confidence building and mentoring will do the trick.

Students may even perform poorly when working at the pace of the rest of the group does not stimulate them sufficiently; they need a real challenge.

In the worst case scenario a situation may have arisen whereby only a change of school or course can solve the problem.

I am confident that, with both younger and more mature learners, when something isn’t working, I can make a difference.

Watch this space - more coming soon.