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Study Skills

Have you ever wondered why the brightest students don't always get the best results?

We have to learn to learn.

That does not always mean slaving away without respite. It means making ourselves more efficient. Study Skills are essential for people who want to get the best return on the time and effort they invest.

Teaching study skills is an integral part of the tutorial process, but, even if you are not learning a particular subject with Education Matters, a few sessions dedicated to Study Skills can help you make the most of whatever course you are following.

A little mentoring can guide younger learners to achieve more at school with less stress and more enjoyment.

I believe in helping people to make the most of their own strengths to defeat their weaknesses and to develop personal strategies for achievement. Learning styles are individual and very diverse.

There is useful advice and information to be found in the links below, but, if you think some personal assessment, help and guidance would be useful, please get in touch.

Watch this space - more coming soon.