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España, México, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Honduras, Nicaragua, Salvador, Panamá, Cuba, República Dominicana, Puerto Rico, Colombia .... and that just takes us into one corner of the South American mainland!

These are a few of the twenty three countries where you might use your Spanish, and where you would be very silly to go without speaking any at all. Spanish is the second Western language after English and by far the most widely spoken Latin-based or Romance language.

Spanish as a second language is growing very fast, too. All over the world people are becoming aware of its commercial importance, the excitement of travelling in the Spanish speaking world and the tremendous richness of the culture it conveys.

There are many reasons why it is not a difficult language to learn:

The pronunciation is straightforward.

The spelling and grammar are logical.

There is a wealth of useful resources available.

In most Spanish speaking countries people are patient and courteous with foreigners who are trying to make themselves understood. So, you will be able to make full use of what you have learnt and get plenty of help.

Education matters can get you started and take you through to basic communication, GCSE, AS, A2, DELE and beyond.

Patient, thorough and sympathetic tuition will enable you to communicate effectively, and you will be able to make use of the comprehensive library of Spanish language films and literature to speed up your progress and improve your understanding.


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