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Telling and listening to stories is one of the

things which make us human.

Our stories, whether they are told orally, in writing, pictorially, through music, in the home or in public, are an integral part of our culture. Small wonder, then, that the study of Literature should be considered an important aspect of education all over the world.

In this country, as in many others, there is a Literature component

in even the most basic language examinations. 

English Literature is still one of the most popular elective courses at GCSE, A Level and University. So it should be.

Literature is also a component of many foreign language courses.

As well us providing practice in the target language it offers a

window into the culture of which that language is an expression.

By studying Literature we learn about who we are and where we come from. We learn about human emotions, values and ways of seeing the world. We extend our range of experience through the imagination. We learn to analyse and interpret a text and develop our critical skills. We extend our own capacity for expression.

I have been concerned with finding ways of enthusing young people and adults with the Literature of their own language and that of other languages they are learning throughout my career, just as I have been constantly feeding my own enthusiasm with continual reading and study.

This is reflected in the examination results my students

characteristically achieve. Many of them have remained ambitious readers.

I like to think that I have a part to play in developing the dedication and enthusiasm I often find in both younger and adult students.

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