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France is our closest neighbour. Here in Tunbridge Wells we are only two hours away from Calais.

There are people who commute from France to London to work and many more who have second homes on the other side of the English Channel. We can go there for the day more easily than we can to most places we might visit in the United Kingdom.

No wonder it is the principal second language in our schools and attracts so many adult learners.

It is also a beautiful, musical language - the language of a culture rich in literature, film, art, history and philosophy, of a country with unsurpassable landscapes and world famous cuisine - a language vital to enjoying the French experience to the full.

Whether you want to travel, do business or pass exams in French, whether you are a complete beginner or have learnt French before, Education Matters can help you make rapid progress in the way which suits you best.

Individual tuition is tailored to suit your needs and supplemented by a wealth of resources, including a comprehensive library of French films and literature.


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