Education Matters, Tunbridge Wells

Expert, sympathetic tuition and educational consultancy.



Basic Language Work:                                                                                                                           £30.00 per hour

Academic Tuition up to GCSE:                                                                                                             £30.00 per hour

Academic Tuition up to A level:                                                                                                           £35.00 per hour

Academic Tuition, Higher Education:                                                                                                   £40.00 per hour

These rates apply to single students.

Two students attending simultaneously will pay £5.00 extra between them: For example, two GCSE or Basic Language students will pay £35.00 between them, i.e. £17.50 each.

Reductions apply if a course of lessons is booked and pre-paid.


Contact time:                                                                                                                                         £40.00 per hour

Research etc.:                                                                                                                                         £30.00 per hour

In the case of failure to attend or cancellation at short notice full fees will be charged.