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Examination Techniques and Writing Skills

Many students know the content of the subject they are studying and thoroughly understand the arguments involved. They have probably spent time on research. Nevertheless, they do not seem to get the marks they deserve.

This is often because they are not presenting their knowledge and ideas in the best possible way.

In examinations, they may not be paying enough attention to working out what the examiners want in response to a question. You give them what they want; they give you what you want!

They may not be organising their time properly in the examination.

They may not be expressing their knowledge and thoughts as clearly and concisely as they could.

Writing examination answers and assessment essays is an art which requires practice and fine tuning. Presenting an essay which is properly structured and referenced is an important study skill; communication is a vital life skill.

Effectively displaying your knowledge and capacity for analysis and argument is an acquired technique. Individual tuition and guidance can help a great deal.

Many people contact Education Matters for this reason, and I am

currently helping several students with assessment essays and examination technique, as well as adults who need to communicate more authoritatively, concisely and accurately for their work.

If you think I may be able to help you, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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