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Language and Literature

English is a key skill.

At school, at work, at play, in our relationships with others, whatever we are doing, our ability to use language clearly and effectively is crucial. In every sphere of activity we are at the mercy of those who are more articulate than we are.

That is why certificated English skills are a requirement in so many fields of activity.

At every level in the education system and in almost every sphere of professional activity our linguistic skills have a bearing on our success.

On the whole English is taught well in our schools, but many students still experience difficulties with some aspects of the GCSE, A Level and University examinations. Some also need help with their English in connection with other subjects which involve analysing texts and writing essays.

Many adults feel that they could go further in their careers if their command of English were better. Many simply wish for greater control over their own lives.

I have almost forty years' experience of helping people to express themselves, both on paper and orally, and to get to grips with challenging texts.

Whatever your needs, whatever your age, whatever your level, Education Matters can help you to read with greater understanding, insight and pleasure and to communicate more successfully, both orally and in writing.

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