Education Matters, Tunbridge Wells

Expert, sympathetic tuition and educational consultancy.

Educational Consultancy

Whether you are concerned with:

or any other issues to do with your own or your chidren's education, I can bring over thirty years of local experience to bear on the problem. 

Education Matters can help you get what you want out of the education system as it stands.

Many people come to me because they are dissatisfied with an aspect of the education their child is receiving at school.

Extra tuition is not always the answer.‚Äč

Sometimes approaching the school or Local Education Authority in the right way will resolve the problem or conflict.

In the most extreme cases a change of school is the only solution. Some young people who are unhappy or under performing in a highly selective school achieve results in a Comprehensive or College of Further Education which their previous Grammar or Public School would have been proud of

When people feel comfortable they do better.

Sometimes it is a question of helping students, of whatever age, to build confidence in a more general way and to realise their own strength and capability.

Every student is different. There are no universal solutions. However, I can help you develop a more satisfactory and successful relationship with your own learning processes and the educational establishments you work with.

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Robin Brown, BA (hons), AIL, MA, QTS.

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