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Applying to University or College

Choosing a Course

The range of choice is enormous. Many young people think they know what they want to do, but have difficulty deciding which course combinations, college or university would be best for them.

Do remember that all College or University prospectuses and web sites are marketing tools. They contain a great deal of helpful information if they are read carefully and critically, but don’t forget: More applications mean more students to select from and more money for the institutions.

Spending a little time and money on an assessment at Education Matters and talking through the options may avoid problems later on.

Some personalities are much better suited to some universities than others. Learning, teaching and assessment styles vary enormously.

The Application Process

Once you have made your choices, which is hard enough in itself, there is a very daunting online form to fill in.

If you are applying to Oxford or Cambridge this form will determine whether you are invited to move on to the next stage. Then you may be asked to fill in a more specific form and invited for interview.

In many cases, however,the UCAS form is all the Selection Committee will see of you. It is vitally important to get it right.

The most exacting task is writing a Personal Statement, and this is your opportunity to stand out from among all the applicants with similar GCSE and GCE results.

Getting professional help with writing your statement is a very sound investment. Education Matters can help you present yourself in the best possible way.

The Interview

Nowadays interviews are rare except at Oxford and Cambridge, where they are very demanding. Many gifted and talented students are not offered places after their interview.

No responsible tutor or educational consultant will ever guarantee success. However, a few sessions with Education Matters will greatly improve your chances. Practice interviews at school may help, but teachers and students know each other too well.

Post Graduate

If you are applying for a post-graduate course your personal statement or proposal is even more important. It needs to be carefully thought out and tailored to the institution you are applying to. This demands extensive preliminary research. Similarly, the way you present yourself at interview is decisive.

Watch this space - more coming soon.